A Message From Our Founder

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Hi, and welcome to Good Guygiene!

I am so thrilled you are here. As you well know, guiding our sons through the twists and turns of their hygiene journey can be…well, an adventure. Our tween and teen boys often require just a bit more encouragement in the personal care department (speaking from experience here). Yet finding resources to turn this critical milestone into a positive, enjoyable, and engaging experience proved more challenging than I expected.

So I started Good Guygiene to help us elevate our sons’ hygiene game with monthly boxes that make personal care something he will actually want to dive into. Our Good Guygiene boxes are designed to meet our boys exactly where they are—whether they’re already mastering their routine or could benefit from a gentle push—stocked with clean, non-toxic products from top brands in the tween and teen personal care world. Because let’s face it, none of us aspires to be the constant hygiene manager in our son’s life, right?

Every box is curated around a unique hygiene theme, with different products addressing different areas each month to avoid any overload. And with our “What’s in Your Box” tip sheet along with a few added surprises, this is a delivery you both will look forward to each and every month.

Thanks so much for coming on this exciting journey with us. Here’s to raising boys who are not just clean, but confident and ready to conquer the world—one spritz, swipe, and scrub at a time!


Good Guygiene:

Curated Confidence for Tween and Teen Boys

At Good Guygiene, we’re all about helping young guys elevate their hygiene game. Our personal care boxes create a space for boys to try out products, find their favorites, and own the process— providing an engaging and empowering experience the entire time. As moms ourselves, we get the challenges that come when sons hit those crucial hygiene years. And listen, we just want to get out of their bathroom. That’s why we pack our boxes with top-notch, toxin-free, cruelty-free products just for them, laying the foundation for awesome habits and giving them the reins.

But every box is more than just cool products. With our wellness message, giving-back spirit, and brilliant partner companies, we’re all in for supporting the whole journey of teen and tween boys, every step of the way.