Stinky Sons This Summer? We’ve Got His (and Your) Back!

Hey there amazing moms!

So, it’s the first days of summer, and your house already smells like a locker room. Your tween’s socks are a biohazard, and your teen seems to think sunscreen is for everyone else. You’ve just realized that this summer, instead of fretting over math grades, you’ll need to tackle something far more critical: summer hygiene.

I remember the summer my son came home from a week at camp smelling like he’d wrestled a skunk. Twice. He NEVER smelled like that before.  For whatever reason (denial?) it came as a shock to me that he needed some serious hygiene assistance, as the wave of puberty had come swiftly crashing down on him in the span of just one week.  It was time to level up his personal care in a big way, because we had to get through the rest of the summer in enclosed quarters with my newly minted adolescent.

Transitioning from a sweet-smelling boy to an odiferous man-child is a time marked by rapid physical, emotional, and social development, and can be daunting for our sons (and us too). But one thing we know is true – embedding good hygiene habits from day 1 (or before) helps foster self-esteem, confidence, and positive social interactions from the get-go and helps our kids feel good about themselves. No matter where your son is on his “hygiene journey”, teaching him to take responsibility for his hygiene, health and wellbeing is part of becoming a responsible adult.

At Good Guygiene, we’ve done the legwork for you to uncover some fantastic finds that help your tween/teen sons navigate the summer season with confidence. The June “Don’t Sweat the Summer” box is filled with the below products that not only deliver on the promise of cleaning up our beloved kids, but do it in a chemical-free, eco-friendly way that our we (and our sons) can get behind.

It all starts with the shower…

Getting it right in the shower sets the whole tone for keeping sweat and odor at bay.  It creates the clean slate he needs to be and stay fresh – without washing away the dirt and grime, no amount of deodorant can combat the bacteria and sweat that is sticking around. Encourage your son to shower daily, twice if they are especially sweaty after summer activities. Make sure they’re washing all parts of their bodies, including the neck, behind the ears, armpits, groin, and feet (what we call the hot zones).

Getting him his own body wash to use creates a sense of ownership and studies have shown that if they have their own products, they are more apt to use them!  Not to mention if it smells amazing and makes them smell amazing, usage rates increase (according to my own personal study 😊).

The TEENOLOGY Body Wash in this month’s box helps preteen and teenage boys combat body odor while also gently fighting breakouts and acne. Packed with antioxidants and botanical extracts, it smells like fresh fruit salad– we love the Tropical Orange scent and the fact that it is sulfate, phthalate, and paraben-free.  Absolute winner. My son literally loves taking a shower because this smells so good – trust us.  They also make a fantastic shampoo that helps prevent breakouts and acne, and it also smells just as heavenly.

Deo for the B.O.

The next layer in his odor-offing arsenal:  deodorant.  We often get asked when preteens and teenagers should start using deodorant – the answer is: whenever your kid starts to stink. You’ll know, but quite often HE WILL NOT, so it is imperative for you to give him a heads up and equip him with deodorant of his very own to use daily.  The key is multiple products in various places. Make it easy for him by having a bedroom deodorant, a bathroom deodorant, and a car deodorant (for when you’re halfway to practice and he forgot to put it on at home).

31st State roll-on deodorant is specifically made for teen and tween guys. This clear, lightweight gel takes on the microorganisms that generate body odor–without the use of aluminum, parabens, and all the nasties. It’s powered by naturally occurring disinfectants and odor fighters that are derived from plants and minerals, like zinc and silver. What it does have is a wonderful, fresh scent and all-day protection. And bonus – this is a gel roll-on, so keeping one in the car won’t create a melted mess during the summer!

The secret weapon…

The next layer of protection for him this summer? A talc-free, moisture-wicking active dry powder that absorbs sweat, prevents chafing, and makes him feel dry and comfortable during hot and humid weather. Prep U Active Dry Powder is designed specifically for active tweens/teens and stops moisture before it can irritate skin or leave a bad smell behind. It takes on sweaty armpits and private regions as well as workout bags and shoes. Great to apply right after the shower or after a quick wipe-down (see below!).

This is my son’s secret weapon, and he LOVES the way it makes him feel post-shower.  I love it because it helps his gym bag and backpack stay fresh with a few sprinkles – a great multi-use product.


No shower? No problem!

Face and body wipes can be a lifesaver when your son needs a refresher but showering is not possible.  Whether after sports or just going about his regular day, pulling one of these out and doing a quick once-over on the hot zones can make a huge difference.  Follow up with another swipe of deodorant and sprinkle of powder and he is good to go!

And all body wipes are definitely NOT equal – these Wash Yo Self Wipes are infused with ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, and vitamin E that soothe and nourish skin so they aren’t harsh on growing bodies, and we are telling you now there is some sort of magic in these babies because they are incredibly effective at wiping away dirt, grime and odor while making you feel like you just walked through a gentle waterfall.  It’s a whole vibe, we promise.  You’ll love them!

Sun protection: the daily deal

As a reflection of my own tween/teen years of horrendous sunbathing practices, I am the cautionary tale for my two kids – as the recipient of multiple Mohs surgeries and frequent skin check-ups, they know I (now) take my skin protection very seriously and force them to do the same.  However, I do worry about the amount of chemicals in regular sunscreen and therefore try to find better (but just as effective) alternatives for all of us to use.

This All Good Sport Sunscreen isn’t just about shielding skin from the sun’s harmful rays; it’s a testament to how advanced sunscreen formulas have become, marrying strong UV protection with chemical-free alternatives in a sustainable way. It’s a great solution for athletes and your kids who are spending hours in the sun.

  • Organic and safe. Crafted from a blend of organic ingredients, including zinc oxide, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Effective and gentle on the skin.
  • Water Resistance for up to 80 minutes. All Good Sunscreen is enhanced with beeswax, ideal for athletes who are frequently in water or any strenuous exercise that leaves them sweating.
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, plus non-comedogenic so won’t clog pores.

And, chapped lips are the worst.  They look bad, feel uncomfortable, but are easily preventable.  Eco Lips began as a love story for lip balm, and it’s blossomed into a private label, natural body-care company making high-quality products.  We love the SPF 15 lip balm with zinc, with no chemical ingredients and a fun coconut/vanilla flavor.  Hey, the better it tastes, the more apt they are to use it!

The trick with sunscreen, we all know, is getting our tweens and teens into the habit of using it daily – and applying it frequently when out in the sun for longer lengths of time.  Make sure to provide small, travel-friendly versions of products you have at home so they can bring them on the go, with accessories like carabiner attachments for a backpack or gym bag that keep it in sight and in mind.


Help your sweaty boys stay cool this summer with these safe, high-performance products that help him smell good, feel good, and do good. All these products get the Good Guygiene stamp of approval, with ingredients you can feel good about and a performance level that will keep your young guy in top hygiene shape all summer long.  Try them and let us know what you think!