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Make His Holiday (and him) Shiny And Bright!

With the Good Guygiene Holiday Gift Box for Tween and Teen Boys

  • Cool hygiene products from brands he will LOVE
  • Clean, SAFE ingredients
  • 2 fun additional GIFTS in each box
  • The BEST unique holiday gift for young guys

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Guygiene Giveaway

Level up your young guy’s hygiene game!

Equip him with a box of confidence that introduces cool personal hygiene swag from top brands developed just for teen and tween boys. We’ve picked 7 full-size core products (plus 2 fun gifts) that will put him in the driver’s seat and set the stage for lifelong healthy hygiene habits.

And bonus, all products are toxin-free, cruelty-free, and backed by you know—science.

what’s in the box?


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Lip Balm

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Hair & Body Wash

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Face Wash

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Body Spray

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Soap Bar

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Face and Body Wipes

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why you’ll (both) love it


Discover, Experiment, Elevate

He’ll dive in, test out the best in boy’s grooming, and find his faves. It’s all about the journey of crafting his personal hygiene routine.

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Boosted Confidence & Self-Esteem

This isn’t just about the top-tier products. Nothing says “I got this” like feeling fresh and owning it.

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Easy-Peasy Gifting

Forget the gift-guessing. Order this box, watch him crush it, and nail the holiday gifting game for boys!

Good Guygiene: Curated Confidence for Tween and Teen Boys

At Good Guygiene, we’re all about helping young guys elevate their hygiene game. Our personal care boxes create a space for boys to try out products, find their favorites, and own the process— providing an engaging and empowering experience the entire time. As moms ourselves, we get the  challenges that come when sons hit those crucial hygiene years. And listen, we just want to get out of their bathroom. That’s why we pack our boxes with top-notch, toxin-free, cruelty-free products just for them, laying the foundation for awesome habits and giving them the reins.

But every box is more than just cool products. With our wellness message, giving-back spirit, and brilliant partner companies, we’re all in for supporting the whole journey of teen and tween boys, every step of the way.

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